National Equine Rescue Coalition
People working together to save America's horses
Welcome to the National Equine Rescue Coalition
The National Equine Rescue Coalition was founded in the fall
of 2006 as an organization where individuals, rescue groups, equine companies and the racing industry could work together to improve
the lives of all equine animals.

Individual NERC members are actively working at all levels from the grass roots to the halls of Congress to end the inhumane practice of horse slaughter in the United States, Canada and Mexico. NERC
rescue group members save horses every day. By working together even more horses will be saved.
About the National Equine Rescue Coalition
Everyone is welcomed to join NERC. The only qualification is a desire to save America's horses from abuse, neglect, mistreatment and the horror of inhumane horse slaughter.
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"America's Horse"
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