National Equine Rescue Coalition
People working together to save America's horses
Rescue Group Members
Alaska Equine Rescue (AK)

Dreamchaser PMU Rescue & Rehabilitation (AZ)
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary (AZ)
Horse Rescue of North Scottsdale (AZ)

California Coastal Horse Rescue (CA)
California Equine Retirement Foundation (CA)
Exceller Fund (CA)
Golden Carrot (CA)
Grace Foundation of N. (CA)
Pregnant Mare Rescue, INC. (CA)
United Pegasus Foundation (CA)

A For Effort Horse Rescue (CO)
Ahimsa Ranch Horse Rescue (CO)
Colorado Thoroughbred Horse Rescue (CO)
Large Animal Support SWestern Slope Organization (CO)

SummerWinds Stables Horse Rescue (DE)

Whimsical Equine Rescue (DE)

Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue (FL)
Horse Protection Association of Florida (FL)
Pure Thoughts Horse and Foal Rescue (FL)
Sterling Silver Farm Equine Rescue, Inc. (FL)

Begin Again Farm (GA)

CANTER Illinois (IL)
Lazy Maple Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation (IL)

Animal Protection Coalition (IN)
Indiana Horse Rescue, Inc. (IN)
Spoiled Acres Rescue, Inc. (IN)

Hope In TheValley Equine Rescue Sanctuary (KS)
Peaceful Horizons Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation (KS)
Phoenix Rising Horse Rescue (KS)
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue & Retirement (KS)

Blair's Equine Rescue (KY)
Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue (KY)
Gatton Equestrian Center, LLC (KY)
Mountain View Horse Rescue (KY)
Speak Up For Horses (KY)

Hooved Animal Rescue & Placement (LA)

Central New England Equine Rescue (MA)
Foal Haven Farm (MA)
Ipswich Equine Rescue (MA)
Vineyard Miniature Horse Rescue (MA)

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue (MD)
Equihab Foundation (MD)
Horse Lovers United, Inc. (MD)
HorseNet Horse Rescue (MD)
Magic Persuasion (MD)
New Life Equine Rescue (MD)

Mountain Equine Rescue & Rehab (ME)

CANTER Michigan (MI)
Horse’s Haven (MI)

Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary (MT)

Hope For Horses (NC)

Angel Heart Rescue (NE)
Break Heart Ranch Horse Rescue (NE)
Lone Oak Horse and Animal Rescue (NE)
Phoenix Rising Horse Rescue (NE)

E.P.O.N.A Equine Protection Of North America (NH)
Live and Let Live Farm Rescue (NH)

Perfect Harmony Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (NM)
Serenity Acres Equine Sanctuary (NM)

Manes and Tails (NJ)

Miracle Horse Rescue (NV)
Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary (NV)

Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue (NY)
Bella Horse Rescue (NY)
Horsefeathers Farm (NY)
H.O.R.S.E. Rescue and Sanctuary (NY)
Horse Savers US (NY)
Quarter-Acre Rescue Ranch (NY)

FrogPond Farm Draft & Pony Rescue(OH)

Voice For Horses Rescue Network (OH)
W.H.I.N.N.Y. Horse Rescue (OH)
Wyandot County Equine Rescue (OH)

Grey Oaks Farm Equine Sanctuary (OK)
Horse Feathers Equine Rescue (OK)
Prism PMU Foal and Horse Rescue, Inc. (OK)

Hooves and Halos Animal Rescue (OR)
HyTyme Equine Rescue (OR)
Whispering Winds Equine Rescue (OR)

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue (PA)
Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. (PA)
Back In The Saddle Horse Adoption, Inc. (PA)
Bright Futures Farm Horse Rescue (PA)
Last Chance Ranch Equine Rescue (PA)
Lifelines Farm and Sanctuary (PA)
Save A Horse Stable (PA)
Second Chance Equine Association of Westmoreland County PA

Horse Play Horse Rescue (RI)
New England Equine Rescues (RI)
Horse Savers US (TN)
Mustang Alley Horse Rescue (TN)

Ipswich Equine Rescue (TX)

Utah Animal Adoption Center Horse Rescue Program (UT)

Lost Fantasy Rescue (VA)
Melanie's Equine Rescue & Rehab Ctr (VA)
National Horse Protection Coalition (VA)
Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, Inc. (VA)

SAFERpastures (VT)
Spring Hill Horse Rescue (VT)

Equine Aid (WA)
Save A Forgotten Equine Horse Rescue (WA)
Washington Thoroughbred Transitional Facility (WA)

Chestnut Farms Equine Rescue (WV)
Santiburi Farm Ripley, (WV)
Second Wind Adoptive Program (WV)

Fair Dinkum Farm Equine Rescue (WY)
Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary (WY)


Wild Rose Equine Rescue & Sanctuary (Alberta Canada)
Canadian Horse Defense Coalition
H C W Equine Rescue (CN)


Nebraska Equine Cross Country Transport Group
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